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FENDI Sunglasses FF0433/G/S 8079O

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FENDI Sunglasses FF0433/G/S 086M2

The shape is known as cat eye, which is a great match for oval and rectangle-shaped faces. Black frame, which is definitely modern and fits with most outfits, hairstyles, and eye colours. The frame colour is black , which works great with dark hair and is generally a classic colour for everyday wear. The lens colour is grey, which is the most common lens colour for sunglasses and is very effective under all light conditions. These glasses have gradient lenses, which means they are darker on the top and gradually transition to lighter on the bottom. Not only is this effect super trendy and stylish, but it's also good for driving and allows for a clearer view from the bottom while inhibiting the bright sky from damaging your eyes from overhead. The material is mainly made of lightweight and durable plastic.

Gender: Female 

Manufacturer: Fendi

Shape: Cat Eye 

Size: 60/19/150

Frame colour:  Black 

Temple colour:  Black 

Lens colour:  Grey

Lens effect: Gradient 

Main material: Plastic 

Lens material: Plastic 

Frame colour effect: Shiny

UV filter: 400

Sunglasses filter: Category 2 

Included Materials: Brand-original glasses case, Brand-original cleaning cloth

Kinds of Glasses:  Street fashion, Luxury Glasses