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Unique non pierced ear cuff with CZ diamonds - Black Rhodium

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Those cuff are handcrafted with 14K Gold and simulated diamonds.

Material: Black rhodium
Stones: White simulated diamonds
Color: Black 
Size of a cuff: Small
Ear cuff: Length: 1.5 cm/ 0.6 inch Width: 1.5 cm/0.5 inch

Additional Information: Non-pierced  ear cuff . 

All our products are handcrafted. Designed by Alex S.

Care instructions:

 ● Avoid exposure to water, oil, and chemicals. Remove your jewelry when doing activities that involve potentially damaging materials. This includes hand washing, showering, swimming, and cleaning, as well as applying lotions, oils, and makeup.
 ● Store your jewelry in a felt-lined box. Investing in a good jewelry box helps with organization, aesthetics, and preservation. Felt-lined boxes prevent tarnishing, discoloration, and oxidation. Be sure to fasten necklaces and bracelets to avoid tangles.
 ● Keep your jewelry in a cool, dark, and dry place. Direct exposure to sunlight and humid environments can cause discoloration. Place your jewelry box in a neutral location.